Has someone in your family died recently?

Have you been named in a will to act as their executor?

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It is very difficult having just lost a loved one/family member to then be told you have the task of dealing with their estate.  Perhaps this is the first time you have had to deal with something like this and you are worrying about how to start the process and are concerned as to what your roles and responsibilities are.  In times like these, Going Legal Limited is ready to assist you by ensuring that you have all the legal knowledge and help required to fulfill the probate obligations placed on you.

When someone dies, hopefully they will have left a will and named those responsible to administer their estate – executor(s).  As a named executor you may need to apply for a grant of probate, a legal document issued by the probate registry which empowers you to administer the person’s will.  In the unfortunate event of someone dying “intestate” meaning without a will, then your solicitor will discuss with you whether equal rights of other relatives and their order of priority to administer apply.  Where yourself and others have been assigned the task of administering then you must legally decide all matters between you.  Where this proves difficult then your solicitor can advise you.

When having to administer the estate you will need to identify all the assets owned such as property, land, insurance policies, stocks and shares, other sums owed.

When you administer the estate it is legally essential that you follow the direct wishes of the deceased according to their will.  A further responsibility placed on you when administering the estate is dealing with inheritance tax, your probate solicitor will have already established with you the value of the estate but consideration must be given to gifts made within seven years of the death, how much they were and who to.  Once monies are received you will be required to administer the estate by firstly paying any outstanding debts/monies owed for such as funeral costs, housing, rent, taxes owed uninsured loans etc.

If you wish to Contest Probate in UK Going Legal Ltd can help you to identify the executors or personal representatives and the solicitors dealing with the estate. In the Probate Registry and find the full name, date of birth, date of death and last permanent address of the deceased, which you can find out from the death certificate.

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